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In its most simple form, therapy is a meeting for a meaningful and creative exchange between two people. One of the most important factors is the quality of openness and trust in the therapeutic encounter.

I offer a First Appointment, lasting up to an hour and a half which gives you plenty of time to explain what is troubling you. It is also an opportunity for you to get a sense of me and how I work, so that you can decide whether I am someone you want to have as your therapist. There is a fixed fee, currently £60 for a First Appointment in Kent and £90 in London.

If we decide to go ahead with therapy, we will agree on what basis, depending on your needs, what you want to achieve and your circumstances.  Some people come for a few sessions when they want to focus on a particular issue, others will need or want an ongoing process to address deeper seated issues. Sometimes people come initially because they need to work on something specific, like a crisis of some sort, and they continue coming because they benefit from or enjoy an open-ended exploration of who they are and what makes them tick. That said, therapy is not for life - it is for making sense of your life and the changes you want to make in how you are living it.

We will agree a meaningful and manageable fee for any subsequent sessions you wish to have.  We will usually agree a regular day and time to meet (unless you have to work shifts) and sessions will be 50 minutes long.

My practice is in a quiet residential street in North Gillingham, Kent, and in a discreet therapy suite next to Canary Wharf.

To arrange a First Appointment, please contact me by e-mail or by phone. The answering machine is always on and I will pick up the phone if I can. Otherwise, if you leave a message, I will call you back as soon as I am able.

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