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Psychoanalytic thinking has by its very nature always been disquieting and challenging: it stirs us up, and by shedding light on our established assumptions, makes us available to new ways of thinking and being. With it we can access and explore the ever changing foreshore of the unconscious and harvest its potential for understanding, liveliness and deep psychological change.

This monograph is a little gem for anyone who wants to know but doesn’t dare to ask what a psychoanalytic practitioner actually does!

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Psychodynamic Art Therapy Practice with People on the Autistic Spectrum

Available from Karnac books.

Psychodynamic Art Therapy Practice with People on the Autistic Spectrum offers a valuable counterbalance to the phenomenological, cognitive and behavioural theories that currently prevail in the wider field of practice and research. This book presents eight frank and compelling accounts of art therapy with either adults or children with autism, supported by a discussion of the relevant theory.





foreshoring front cover166“Foreshoring the Unconscious” is a brilliant paper brimming with ideas. It is both empirical and spiritual; it enlightens us about the symbiosis between analysis & science..... Thus, by acquainting us with the myriad reaches analysis must explore, it illumines the substantial need we all harbour for some insight into ourselves and for some conception of our place in the family of humankind.”

M Farhi - Novelist & Vice-President International PEN





Marianne Verfaille book cover 166Cover endorsement of "Mentalizing in Arts Therapies” by Marianne Verfaille

Available from Karnac books.

"With a delightfully light touch, Marianne Verfaille deftly circumscribes the mentalization informed approach to arts therapy praxis she has developed with her colleagues. She vibrantly illustrates the art of mentalizing while bringing professional clarity and vigour to the arts therapies. The result is a joyful and compassionate testimony to the significance and efficacy of the arts therapies with contemporary clinical populations."



Michael jacobse book cover 166“Our Desire of Unrest: Thinking about Therapy” (UKCP series) by Michael Jacobs

Available from Karnac books.

Michael Jacobs refers to Ruth's work and clinical ideas, particularly in Chapter 7. He reworks a paper originally called "Seeing and Being Seen", first published in 1998 in the European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Health.



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