Energy Psychotherapy

The benefits of sustained and regular Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are now widely recognised and supported by research.  Despite this, you may feel that you just do not have several hours a week to spare.  Or you may start off with good intentions but after a while your determination wanes and the benefits start to disappear.

Energy Psychology methods can bring about rapid and permanent changes. Since the seminal discoveries in applied Kinesiology over fifty years ago, the Energy Psychology field has grown into a broad and comprehensive body of approaches which work with the interface between the mind, body and energy systems. They synthesize the essential principles of ancient healing methods like acupuncture and Ayurveda with cutting edge scientific findings in contemporary physics and biology.

Recently published research shows how memory traces, in particular from traumatic experiences, get 'locked'  in the physical body at a muscular and cellular level and in the subtle energy field.i

When incorporated into more traditional psychotherapy, the therapist works together with you to pinpoint particular areas of distress and identify any internal obstacles to healing them. Often painful, yet habitual thoughts and feelings come into focus, and are gently addressed using one or several Energy Psychology interventions. These can act to weaken the influence of the counterproductive thoughts and dissipate the emotional distress being held unconsciously, once and for all.  When therapy addresses all the levels of human functioning (the cognitive thinking mode, the unconscious and feeling register, and physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions) profound insights and permanent changes can come about surprisingly quickly.

Energy Psychology, including Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy, is at the innovating edge of current practice developmentsii  and is more in tune with Quantum Physics and neuropsychoanalytic research than many, more traditional forms of counselling and therapy. Current UK government guidelines commonly recommend CBT for most conditions.iii Although my work is informed by a range of theoretical perspectives, and over 25 years professional experience in the NHS, statutory and private sectors, I choose not to provide simple CBT. If you are seeking essentially cognitive behaviour therapy, I can refer you to counsellors who provide this. I prefer to work with people who actively choose psychoanalytic psychotherapy or energy psychotherapy.


i       For instance, Bessel van der Kolk's 2014 publication called "The Body Keeps the Score"

ii      "The State of Energy Psychology Research" in the Resources area of the ACEP website:



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