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Ruth Jones

Covid-19 Response:
LIFEFORCE LIBERATION course for stress, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm


Collectively we are living with challenges we could not have imagined at the beginning of 2020. Levels of grief, loss, anxiety, confusion, depression, exhaustion and downright fear have gone through the roof. We are divided along new lines, into frontline workers who have too much work to cope with in difficult circumstances, home workers dealing with isolation, those whose jobs are at risk or gone, and those who must stay at home alone and self-isolate. We are united by the disturbing repercussions of all this and by the enormous disruption to what we used to call "normal" life.

Drawing on 25 years professional experience of working with individuals, professionals and organisations, I see that the best contribution I can make at this time to the greatest number of people is to deliver a six part course which brings together the core principles of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Energy Therapy.

The course, called LIFEFORCE LIBERATION teaches how to clear stress and fear from your system by down-regulating the "fight-flight-freeze" responses. If your heart is racing, you feel clammy and sweaty, your sleep is disturbed, your appetite and digestion are all over the place, you can't rest or relax, keep forgetting things, can't concentrate or can't stop worrying, then your sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive. Combining insights and wisdom from ancient healing traditions, depth understanding from psychoanalytic practice and the findings of contemporary sciences, the course provides a menu of deceptively simple approaches which go deep and, what's more, are fun to do!!

When your nervous system is in balance, you will feel rejuvenated, will be able to see the whole picture again, it will be easier to "rest and digest", be close to your loved ones and generally remember the good things in your life. You are likely to feel better organised so you can deal more effectively with the challenges we are all facing these days.

With the intention of teaching you how to better take care of yourself while dealing with the pressures and strains created by the Covid Pandemic, the LIFEFORCE LIBERATION course is on-line for individuals and for groups by arrangement.

I will guide you through the six parts of the LIFEFORCE LIBERATION course, taking time to adapt the components to your individual needs. This is why each part can last anywhere between 50 and 75 minutes, depending on the issues you bring and your responsiveness. The cost for the complete, personalised course is 295.

This LIFEFORCE LIBERATION course gives you the oxygen you need in your mask to take better care of yourself and others!

For more information or to sign up for the six-session Lifeforce Liberation course please email me or call on the number above.

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